by Mary Segers

Stressor #10: Finding Adequate Time for God

How/Why It Stresses You

Our days seem so packed, yet we KNOW God still desires our time . . . not to mention our attention

If we’re not going to be bogged down by life (the flesh) we need to take time to feed and grow our spirits.

Satan is alive and well on the planet Earth. That means he’s going to throw up all kinds of roadblocks in your path. If you go in your room to read your Bible and pray for a few minutes someone will need something or you’ll suddenly remember you have a load of clothes in the washer or ones crinkling in the dryer. It never fails.

I can even SAY I’m going in my room to pray and read my Bible and I have a houseguest who, twice now, has somehow thought that what she needed was more important than that and come knocking on my door. I just ignore it and that’s what you’ll have to do.

Sometimes the spouse and kids think THEY are more important

Most people . . . without meaning to . . . put God in last place. After all, He’s not clinging to your side wanting to complain about His day.

When we are spiritually dry it can bleed over into other roles of life. I noticed years ago that Harm would have a problem with me shutting my door because she hated to feel shut out. I got to the point where I just said, “Tough.”

And, hopefully your spouse knows he’s not supposed to be first. Hopefully, he understands your need for spiritual food.

Satan is quick to throw condemnation into the mix

We could and should be doing something else; we’re not doing enough so why bother? Do these sound familiar?

Remember this . . . God convicts . . . Satan condemns.

Conviction to spend time in the Word and in prayer comes from God. And this is good.

Condemnation about other things, like housework, that could possibly derail your efforts at spiritual growth comes straight from Satan. And that’s bad.

Remember that you’re being a spiritual role model

. . . to your children, your spouse, your family/friends, and even to the unsaved. That’s a really awesome responsibility that we should be very conscious of at all times.

Mature Christians know that their spiritual health is THE most important thing in their lives

All else is secondary . . . important, yes, but still secondary . . . being a wife, mother, daughter, friend etc.

Solutions for Finding Adequate Time for God

Plan God into our daily lives

Just as the Israelites gathered their daily manna, God wants us to seek our days’ worth of manna from Him in the form of His Bread of Life.

With proper home time management you can . . . and will . . . free up at least 30 minutes daily

You can then devote that to your spiritual growth

Once you free up that time jealously guard it

Don’t let “life” or anyone else bleed over into it. And, I promise you, it and they will try.

Life Application For Finding Adequate Time for God

Plan God into your daily lives

On the weekend figure out when each day in the coming week you can set aside at least a little bit of time for God.

Each day’s amount doesn’t have to be the same. God knows your heart and He knows if you’re actually doing the best you can. On the flip side, God knows your heart and He knows if you could be doing better.

With proper home time management you can . . . and will . . . free up at least 30 minutes daily

Again, on the weekend go ahead and loosely plan out each day. I say loosely because I know how life throws curve balls. But the more you do it the more you’ll be able to plan ahead by foreseeing more and more curve balls and creating “Plan B’s.

The point is to make a diligent effort to put aside a little time each day to feed and water your spirit because only then will it grow and mature.

If you want to focus on feeling blessed and not stressed this would be the #1 thing to do—feed and water your spirit. All the other tips were how to do it.

Think of a plant. It needs water and food to grow healthy and mature. The amount and quality of buds depends on how well you take care of it. In short, if you take good care of a plant you can count on it to flourish whereas if you don’t take care of it you can count on it to be dull, dry, brittle ;and in poor health inside and out. The same is true of your spiritual life.

Once you free up that time jealously guard it

Don’t let your good efforts be derailed by anything within your control. For instance, Years ago when I was a college student I would tell Harm that right now I’m studying and would be unavailable for a while. Several times she would “need” something so we had to come up with some ground rules about what constituted NEEDING me.

If there was blood pouring (and it needed to be pouring not trickling), if there was a bone sticking out, or if someone has quit breathing. Those are all quite acceptable reasons for interrupting my study time. Anything else was not.

You’ll need to get to that point too. Kids . . . and your spouse . . . will adapt. And your whole family will be better for you putting in time to grow spiritually.

Stressor #10 Finding Adequate Time for God
Stressor #10: Finding Adequate Time for God

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