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Home Time Management - The Key to Reaching Goals
Home Time Management – The Key to Reaching Goals

One of the first steps to accomplishing any Home Time Management goal is to have a clear idea of what that goal is.

Simple as that sounds, it’s an aspect that’s often overlooked. It’s akin to going to the grocery store without a list. Or beginning a trip without knowing what direction we’re heading.

In the former, we may end up with a bunch of groceries we don’t need and miss several items we really did need. This would end up costing us both time and money. In the latter we may end up adding hours to our trip which would also be a huge cost in time and money (not to mention to the patience of our family).

How it Affects Your Home Time Management

So, poor planning—i.e., not articulating goals—in both the above examples cost us time and money. When it comes to not articulating our home time management goals, however, the price is far greater. Whereas we do waste time at the grocery store or on a trip there is, nonetheless, a pleasurable aspect to both. We got some cool stuff (like ice cream) at the store or we enjoyed the view and the stops on the trip.

There is, however, no still-pleasurable aspect when we don’t have a clearly defined goal in our home time management. We want our house to be cleaner but it doesn’t get that way. We want to feed our family nutritious delicious meals but we don’t make it that far each day. We want to have time for ourselves (guilt-free) but…well, yeah, right.

There are probably a million things that keep us from articulating our goals (OK… I know I’m exaggerating… there are actually only 999,999).

This can include intimidation from looking at the whole picture (sometimes a bad idea… especially if you’re just starting) or simply a lack of realizing the importance and power of articulation. That doesn’t change the fact that we still need to.

If you really think about it, do you do anything without having clearly articulated… either silently or out loud… that you’re going to do it? For instance, we either think or say we’re getting in the shower. Right? How often have you just aimlessly walked down the hallway and just… without even realizing it… somehow ended up in the shower?

If I’m heading out the door and see the cats need fed I… usually silently, or else I get some funny looks from the neighbor… decide to walk back up the porch and get some food for them. I have an articulated goal… not necessarily overtly stated… that I’m going to perform some action. Now, if I were to say “One of these days I need to feed the cats”… well, today likely wouldn’t be the day. There is no action… other than a future one… in that thought.

Are You Realizing How This Relates to Home Time Management Yet?

If you think, “I need to get around to creating menus, a housework schedule, chores for the kids, and a time-block for myself,” well, that’s only thinking. It’s futuristic.

A well-articulated plan for managing your time would be to decide which of those should be the first item to be tackled. Decide… and be ok with… the others going on the back burner for the time being. With that first task chosen, now clearly state your overall goal for that task. Then create the baby steps needed to reach that goal.

Sound simple? It is.

But you can’t do that unless you are crystal clear about your goals. It is super important for your time management–at home or elsewhere—for you to clearly articulate your goals.

If you need help articulating your goals, creating baby steps to reaching those goals, or even figuring out which goals to focus on first, then check out one of my group coaching programs… either Weekly or Bi-monthly.

Alternately, you can check out my free tutorial on Home Time Management and Cooking.

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