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Mary Segers - Crush Through Roadblocks in Home Time Management
Crush Through Roadblocks in Home Time Management
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There are several roadblocks the vast majority of people… myself included… experience in our home time management efforts. The deciding factor of whether we are successful or not is how well we crush through those roadblocks.

Following is a brief overview of what I consider to be the most prevalent roadblocks to effective home time management and my opinion of how to crush through and overcome them.

Home Time Management Roadblock #1: Getting Comfortable on the Couch

Don’t sit down. It’s really that simple. That commercial says it best when it says that “A body at rest tends to stay at rest…A body in motion tends to stay in motion.” When your desire to get your home time management under control is bigger than your memory of how comfortable that couch is then you’ll overcome this problem.

Until then… don’t plop your butt down and you won’t have to worry about getting it back up again.

Home Time Management Roadblock #2: Watching TV

There are a few suggestions for this problem:

  • Watch WHILE you’re working… But watch it (pun intended)… this can be tricky.
  • Tivo it-Watch it later… after you feel like you’ve “earned” it.
  • On-demand-You may possibly be able to catch it later… again, after you feel like you’ve earned it.

Home Time Management Roadblock #3: Talking on the Phone

There are also several solutions for this roadblock:

  • Don’t answer-Just call them back.
  • Use a hands-free device and talk away if it doesn’t distract you.
  • Use laundry folding time to call back anyone who’s called
  • Use a speakerphone, again, if it doesn’t distract you such as when you’re mopping.

Home Time Management Roadblock #4: Intimidation

This is a big roadblock. Fortunately, it’s one you can overcome. There are a couple of reasons I can think of off the top of my head for feeling intimidated.

  • Not knowing where to start: Just pick a starting point. Say you want to get the house cleaned up. Just pick a room and start. Who’s going to tell you it’s wrong? Your spouse? Your kids? Then tell them to pick a different one and THEY can start there. I’ll bet they’d shut up real quick and cheer you on like crazy.
  • Only seeing the overall problem: Don’t do this to yourself. I know it may take time to create those menus that your family loves but create them one meal at a time. Teach your child one chore at a time. Start on one project at a time. Then you create another meal. Then you teach another chore. Then you can start on another project.

Home Time Management Roadblock #5: Lack of Time

I don’t care what anyone says… you can get a tremendous amount done in very short periods of time if you keep plugging away at it. A house is built one brick at a time. A business is built one customer at a time. And I’ve written over a hundred articles, one at a time.

Home Time Management Roadblock #6: Lack of Focus

Here’s another biggie. You may be tempted to claim that it’s not your fault… you simply can’t concentrate. I would argue that you know your triggers. You know (or should be learning) what makes you tick… what motivates you and what makes you stumble. If you can find that you’re home free.

Bottom line-if you can get your goals front and center in your mind of exactly what you want to accomplish with your home time management you will crush through those roadblocks.

If you’re having trouble then you may want to check out one of my coaching programs… either Weekly Coaching or Bi-Monthly Coaching. Additionally, I have single products based on particular needs in certain areas (e.g., menus, cooking, cleaning, laundry).  We’ll help you get straightened out and on to a better life in no time.

Also, feel free to check out my free tutorials such as:

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