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Home Time Management Will Help You Reach Your Dreams
Home Time Management Will Help You Reach Your Dreams

We all have dreams. They may be labeled hopes, wishes, desires, expectations, or yearnings.

Whatever you call them if you haven’t taken the time to clearly define your home time management dreams then there’s a good chance you’ll never see them come to fruition.

Dreams are not some magical thing that comes true while we’re sleeping. They are things we work for, anticipate, and rearrange our lives to accommodate.

For instance, one of my dreams is to be the #1 author in Home Time Management. Because I have a clearly defined dream, I know what I have to do; I have to (1) write many good quality articles (2) aimed at that subject and (3) using that author name.

If I do those things consistently I will eventually see that dream come true.

Another dream of mine is to be the top Home Time Management Coach. The way I’m setting myself up to see that dream come true is by offering good solid information that can… and, if implemented, will… change people’s lives.

If you’ve noticed a pattern of clearly defined dreams and then movement towards them then you’re already ahead of the game. Clearly defined is a key component before you can accomplish anything.

Think about it… you need to know what you’re reaching for or you’ll reach for anything.

So, How Do You Clearly Define Your Home Time Management Dreams?

Simple-take some time and think… really think… about what it is you want in life. Let your imagination soar and then put what you want (your dream) in clear terms.

For instance, say you want a bigger house. If all you say is that you want a bigger house that’s not saying a whole lot. If you instead said you wanted a bigger living room and an extra room for an office then that’s more concrete and something you’re likely to work and save for.

Another example is one of starting a home-based business. I’ve talked to so many people who would love to work at home. Ask them what they’d do and they have no idea.

How quick do you think they’ll be able to do that? It’s not even a real dream.

Instead, imagine if they said they’d like to start a business consulting service in the next year utilizing some of the contacts they already have.

Furthermore, that dream is so clear and so real they’ve started taking a business class here and there and are taking a home study course on website design.

Now… how quick do you think they’ll be able to do that? That’s a real dream… with real action attached to boot.

Whatever greatness we do, want to do, or be begins with a dream. The difference between those who see their dream come true and those who don’t is… in large part… due to how clearly defined that dream is.

This is because, just like in school, if you can define a problem (i.e., a roadblock to seeing a dream come true) you can solve it and achieve that dream.

How This Applies to Home Time Management

Let’s face it… we all have things we’d like changed about how we manage our home. We could turn those things we don’t like into corresponding dreams. For instance:

  • Laundry will be done during the week so I’ll have my Saturdays free
  • My kids will start helping around the house
  • My spouse will start helping so we’d have more time together
  • I will feed my family nutritious and delicious meals and snacks
  • I will make some alone time

The takeaway point is this; as with anything else when it comes to home time management, you must clearly define your dreams.

If you need help with this all-important step in reaching your dreams then you may want to check out one of my Home Time Management programs. If what you need is not there then shoot me an email and see if I can come up with something on your needed topic.

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