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Home Time Management Success…

Home Time Management - Strategies for Success
Home Time Management – Strategies for Success

Depends upon the successful implementation of strategies which is simply a plan, scheme, or approach. Now who couldn’t think of a way any or all of those could be put to good use in the home arena?

This post will… hopefully… convince you of the importance of developing strategies for success where home time management is concerned in your own life.

Below are just a few examples of the many strategies that will simplify how you manage your time at home. You can… and should… create personalized ones based on your particular circumstances.

Home Time Management Success Strategy #1: Cooking

Look ahead to what your family has going on during the week and cook accordingly. For instance, cook some spaghetti sauce on Sunday for use in a super-quick meal like chicken parmigiana on Tuesday when your son has soccer practice. For many more ideas, check out my free tutorial on Home Time Management and Cooking.

Home Time Management Success Strategy #2: Weekly Meal Plans

Create meals your family will not only eat, but they’ll love… kids included. Go a step further and plan menus according to what’s on sale each week and put the saved money up for a vacation.

Home Time Management Success Strategy #3: Housework

Whatever works for your family will be the most effective way to do it. It may be a big deal for a few hours each Saturday or a few hours split up over a couple of days. It could be deep cleaning a couple of rooms today and a couple more tomorrow. It could even be deep cleaning one room a day. I’ve done all of these and simply prefer to spend a few hours uninterrupted on Saturday or Monday. I turn the TV on a music station and then turn on the surround sound and start cleaning.

Home Time Management Success Strategy #4: Laundry

Create time during the week for keeping up with this task. Also, have the kids do their own laundry. It’s something they need to learn to do anyway so why not get a head start now?

Home Time Management Success Strategy #5: Spend Time with Loved Ones

It is super important to find a way to fit this into your everyday life. Strategies may include having them help with cooking or treating yourselves by going to see a movie together because you’d planned a quick meal for tonight.

In my case, you could plan leftovers and with all the time saved from not cooking that night you could go for a walk on the beach. (Believe it or not, I’ve never thought of that til now, hmmm.)

The point is to develop strategies that work for your life based on your family, your lifestyle, and your preferences.

Will strategies really benefit your home time management?

Because our homes are such an integral part of our lives and our identities, the more control we can get that aspect of our life the better we’ll feel about life in general.

And, let’s face it, if we can create strategies (such as motivation for the kids to do chores) to take some of the weight off our shoulders, then we’ll have more time to spend with, and on, the ones that mean the most to us.

That’s a pretty good definition of home time management success in my book.

If you need help…as many people do…in identifying strategies that would work in your life then check out one of my group coaching programs which include group coaching calls where we can bounce ideas off of each other until we find something that works for you.

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