by: Mary Segers
Mary Segers Working on Laptop
Mary Segers Working on Laptop

I told you in the previous post that I was going to reveal my “Ah-ha” moment in this post, but first, if you haven’t read that post and don’t have a clue what “Ah-ha” moment I’m talking about well you can catch up to speed by reading “Fixing my Dishwasher.” Believe me, it’s about a much deeper subject than fixing my dishwasher.

Ok, continuing…

I’m a work-a-holic… I know this. I don’t really feel bad about it because what I “Work” on right now is writing posts which will hopefully help lots of people… like this one.

Because of being a work-a-holic I have trouble stopping. I simply LIKE to work. I LIKE writing. I LIKE creating eBooks. I LIKE creating programs that will change lives for the better and help women get their home time management under control.

A few weeks ago my sister wanted me to go camping with her and 4 kids. Normally I would have rather scheduled a root canal but for some strange reason I heard myself telling her “Yeah, I’ll go” while seriously contemplating my sanity at that moment.

Nevertheless, I didn’t back down. OK, so I couldn’t. Her husband didn’t want her to go camping alone in a popup camper with 4 kids. So if I begged out they would all be disappointed.

She and I had previously agreed that I had no interest in the water park where they spent the vast majority of the day so I would use that time to catch up on some work. So, for the whole 3 days we were there, after breakfast they would go play and I would go work at a fast food restaurant less than half a mile down the road. I would stay there drinking tea (3/4 unsweet and 1/4 sweet) until she called me “home” for dinner.

I didn’t feel bad about this because her hubby was mainly worried about her being alone at night, so I made sure that after dinner I stayed at the campground.

I didn’t even take my laptop on the trip but the picture above isn’t really misleading because I do work on my laptop the vast majority of every day.

I was working on the sections for my next eBook now that I just finished my latest one titled “Time Management and Cooking.” This next one I strongly felt should be about “Alone Time” (and how home time management can help find more of it) since that’s something that everyone I know struggles with finding for themselves.

Anyway, I took a notebook and some guidelines about how to name the titles. I asked for guidance from God right from the beginning and constantly throughout my time working.

It was AWESOME!!

The quantity and quality of the work so surpassed what I could do here at the house… I mean office. As a matter of fact, I’d been “trying” to get that part of the planning out of the way for WEEKS. I told my sister how much work I was getting done. I came home and told everyone how much I’d accomplished. I was so amazed that I’d gotten more done in those 3 days than in the previous 3 months (on that particular task).

The very week I returned I was part of a Bible study group and my friend, Sean, taught about what I talked about in the previous post. I’ll briefly touch on it here.

When we have a problem… big or little… we go to God and ask for help in overcoming it. In my instance, I asked God to help me focus and to FINALLY get that next book outlined. It’s something I’ve been struggling with for MONTHS. I just couldn’t make myself focus and be able to create the titles which would be something you (or someone else) would search for and therefore what I would be found for.

So, while I was sitting there in the fast food joint I was drinking sweet tea and getting so much accomplished my thoughts and words were along the lines of:

  • Lord, you write and I’ll type (this is a play on the “You take the test, I’ll hold the pencil” from college. By the way He did GREAT!)
  • Lord, thank you for letting me get so much done
  • Lord, I’m letting YOU plan my next eBook
  • God, you are so GOOD
  • Lord, this is AMAZING
  • This is good stuff
  • Thank you Father for helping me so much today

Yet, when I got back to the camper I told my sister “I got SO much done today it was Awesome.” And when I got home everyone asked how the mini vacation was and I repeated the same. I told them how much I’d gotten done at the fast food joint and even joked that when I’d written all of the 30+ titles I’d created that it would be worth the 6 hr round-trip drive just to get a serious amount of work done again.

Did you see what I did?

It was innocent enough. I didn’t mean to steal the thunder and claim the glory while leaving God out of the mixture. It just happened by default.

I’m really working on changing that default behavior.

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