by Mary Segers

We should not focus on feeling stressed

Because… simply put… what we focus on magnifies.

Why You Should Not Focus on Feeling Stressed
Click the picture above for link to a Google page containing Bible verses about feeling stressed

It is pure common sense that if we focus on negative things we will feel more negative; yet if we focus on positive things we’ll naturally feel more positive.

If you doubt this concept then sit for 1 minute—that’s all it will take—and think of reasons why your life sucks and then do the same for how great your life is . . . end on how great it is . . . and I think you’ll see my point.

For some who naturally tend towards being a negative person training themselves to focus on blessings instead of stressors may take some self-control. Well, isn’t it just very handy that self-control happens to be one of the fruits of the Spirit. And we all want to develop those fruits, right?

So here’s your chance and reason all wrapped up in one.

How I Learned to NOT Focus on Feeling Stressed

I used to really struggle with those fruits until I realized that we have the bud of every fruit already in us and it’s up to us to water it (with the Word) and let it grow (by using it).

If we focus on the blessings of our life we’ll magnify them.

How this applied in my car situation: I focused on how I could count on God, how blessed I was to have an alternate, how blessed I was to be able to replace the starter for free, and how cool it was of God to give me a current and perfect example to share with you.

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