My one-on-one consulting has a two-fold mission: To help you save time in some areas of your life so you can spend it in other areas.

I’ll Help You Save Time by:

*Helping you create menus your family will LOVE
*Teaching you to cook smarter
*Enabling you to give yourself nights off every single week from cooking
*Telling you how to grocery shop in record time
*Revealing how to do housework quickly
*Teaching you how to handle laundry in the most efficient manner
*Divulging how to get your spouse and children helping cooking, cleaning, and laundry
*Demonstrating how to THINK in ways that maximize the time available

So You Can Then Spend That Time on:

*Nurturing/strengthening your marriage or relationship
*Devoting more time to your kids
*Spending more time with your family and friends
*Reserving guilt-free time for yourself
*Allowing yourself time to improve your mind by reading or attending college

Why would you want to work with me?

Through my 3 decades of being a (predominantly single) parent working full-time or part-time while attending college full-time, I’ve created a lifestyle built around home time management.

I streamlined the whole cooking, cleaning, and laundry process around work, college, and kids’ after school activities. Because of that, I was able to have time for the kids and still found time for myself.

And, I can teach you.

By the way… Speaking engagement attendees will receive a 20% discount over my usual price of $250/hour.

The link below will allow you to pay by PayPal or the credit card of your choice.



To Your Success…
Mary Segers B.S., MSW
Your Home Time Management Expert, Coach, and Speaker
Helping You Reach Your Home Time Management Goals… One Step at a Time

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