by Mary Segers

Stressor #4: Piles of Laundry

How/Why It Stresses You

It’s a constant reminder that you need to spend quite a while doing something that not many people enjoy

While cooking can be a creative adventure laundry is not. While cleaning makes you feel good when you look around the house, laundry is behind closet doors. In other words, there’s not a lot of incentive to do laundry other than to not stink in dirty clothes.

That you have to do this chore can be somewhat stressful. If you are looking at having to spend several hours doing this chore it can be even doubly stressful.

It’s a mental “loose thread”

I’m sure you know how the fact that you have this task to do just stays in the back of your mind kind of like an unchecked mark. You could have a day filled with dread just because this is constantly at the back of your mind.

Kids . . . that’s all I have to say

Ok, maybe just a few words. Kids have a way of strewing clothes when looking for something to wear. Or coming and borrowing your socks when they haven’t washed their own. Does it sound like I have experience with these situations?

Piles of Laundry Solutions

Don’t do anyone’s but your own

I haven’t done anyone’s but my own for YEARS. My kids began doing their own when they were very young.

Kids as young as 4 yearsold can help fold and put up clothes. By the time they’re 8 yearsold they probably could be washing and drying their own.

Even your spouse can handle his own laundry

If you both work outside the home there is absolutely no reason why he can’t do his own and maybe even yours sometimes too.

Teach the kids young and then expect them to do it

In my Time Management and Kids program I go into detail about how to get kids as young as 4 started folding their own laundry.

By the age of 8 or so, they should be able to do their own from washing to drying to folding to putting up.

Oatmeal at 3 Years Old Helping with Laundry
Oatmeal at 3 Years Old Helping with Laundry

I didn’t even ASK him to do this. He just grabbed the basket and began folding.

He loves helping out and we’ve really encouraged and cultivated that. Never squash their desire to help . . . even if, in the shortterm, it takes you more time.

Life Application For Handling Piles of Laundry

Don’t do anyone’s but your own laundry

Beginning today back off of doing everyone’s laundry. Teens, especially, will balk at first but when they have no clean clothes to wear they’ll come around.

Have your spouse do his own laundry

If your spouse is not sure how to work those strange contraptions in the laundry room then take time to show him. Then set him loose.

Get the kids doing their own laundry to the best of their ability

Corn Pops and Oatmeal Helping with Piles of Laundry
Corn Pops and Oatmeal Helping with Piles of Laundry

Kids are amazing at picking things up. Depending on their motivation they will pick this up as well as the latest video game.

Some parents have a problem with guilt over making their children do things that they themselves are used to doing. Be assured that learning to tackle this chore will serve them well in life. When they go to college no one will be doing their laundry for them so get them into the habit now

If they can wear and mess up the clothes they are quite capable of helping to wash, dry, fold, and put up their own.

My kids always helped out like this and yours can too.

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