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Plan Meals in Advance with Home Time Management
Plan Meals in Advance with Home Time Management

That you should plan meals in advance is commonly touted as a key component of home time management.

But, why? Keep reading and you’ll soon feel that way too.

I feel so strongly about this that I’d be willing to bet that planning your family’s meals in advance is probably one of the best things you could do to get a handle on your home time management.

Think about it, so much time can be wasted… Daily… on wondering, looking through the pantry, walking through the grocery store, or driving through the fast food joint.

Even if you go out to eat the time really gets eaten up when you factor in the time it takes to:

  • Get everyone out the door
  • Drive to the restaurant
  • Wait to be seated
  • Look through the menu
  • Order
  • Wait for your food
  • Eat
  • Wait for the check
  • Drive home

So, now that we’re on the same page about WHY you need to plan meals in advance, let’s look now turn to the HOW.

Home Time Management Plan Meals in Advance: HOW

There are actually several ways and these include:

  • Plan Meals in Advance on the Weekend
  • Plan Meals in Advance Based on Meals from the Past
  • Plan Meals in Advance with Your Family’s Input

I recently published an article titled “Home Time Management: 3 Remarkably Easy Ways to Plan Meals in Advance” which you may find useful. I only touched on each of those ideas in that article but I’m going to go a little more in-depth about each of these points in this post.

Here’s the thing, I know… without a doubt… that if you could put forth the time and effort required to conquer this problem then you’d have a snowball effect going on. By that I mean say you spend 2 hours/week on getting control over this area. Once you’ve done that you’d have that 2 hours/wk + the formerly wasted time to put toward eradicating some other home time management issue you have.

Anyway, here are the easy ways highlighted in the above-mentioned published article.

Plan Meals in Advance on the Weekend

Whatever your weekend is. You’re more relaxed and able to spend a little time thinking… much better than in the middle of the week (if you’re like the rest of us).

When you plan in advance you’re able to think about obligations you have during the week and figure out how exactly you can work with them and around them.

For instance, say your daughter has soccer practice on Monday and Friday nights. You’d need to plan her meals on those evenings around the fact that (a) she would need something earlier (so she doesn’t upchuck during practice), which would (b) be something a little on the lighter side (so her digestion isn’t working full-time and in overdrive when she’s needing muscle energy), and (c) have “the real meal” ready for her following practice.

Since we attend Church services every Wednesday nights we plan around that. As a matter of fact our week looks somewhat like this:

  • Monday: Harm has Jr. Roller Derby practice
  • Tuesday: Nothing out of the ordinary
  • Wednesday: Church
  • Thursday: Oatmeal (my grandson) has soccer practice and sometimes I take him so his mom can help Corn Pops (another grandson) study for his Friday tests
  • Friday: Harm goes skating and eats junk food there (hey, she eats healthy the rest of the time… she’s quick to point out that it’s that 80/20 thingy)

Plan to spend at least an hour every weekend until you get so good you can plan your meals without even thinking about it… it will almost become automatic.

Plan Meals in Advance Based on Meals from the Past

This is one of the best things you can do when thinking during your weekend. Even when you’ve been strapped in the past walking through the grocery store zombie-style trying to figure out what to take home you’ve went home with SOMETHING.

Now, try to remember all the SOMETHINGS that you chose.

  • Lasagna?
  • Rotisserie chicken?
  • Hamburgers?
  • Hot dogs?
  • Sandwich fixings?

That may be the best place for you to start. For instance, if you’re planning on spending a couple of hours on Saturday planning meals for the following week then for Saturday night go ahead and expect the status quo and just know you’ll do better on Sunday.

In other words, don’t be afraid of starting where you are.

Plan Meals in Advance with Your Family’s Input

Now, here is a tip that’s going to save you a ton of time and energy. Get your family to pitch in with their own ideas about what they’d like to eat. Even kids can help create meal ideas. As a matter of fact, that’s #1 on my list of ways to create meals your family will love.

Also, ask them to keep a running list of meals they’ve tasted elsewhere, seen on TV, heard someone talk about, or (as in the case of your spouse) grew up eating.

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But… If you’re tired of just learning tips and ready to move to seeing actual change you need a more step-by-step approach. For that check out my 7 week program aimed at getting meal time under control.

This is the tenth post in my “Home Time Management and Cooking” series.

So… how do you plan your meals in advance? Just hit “Reply” and let me know.

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