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Stop Laundry From Piling Up with Home Time Management
Stop Laundry From Piling Up with Home Time Management

Home Time Management utilizes 3 easy strategies to stop laundry from piling up. These can help your weekends become laundry-free and have a happier you.

I’ve a published an article that talks about Home Time Management: 3 Strategies to Keep Laundry From Piling Up

You may also find this one useful–Home Time Management: Three Easy Tips for Getting Laundry Under Control

But, since I know how busy you are, I’ll go ahead and summarize both in this post.

First, Good Home Time Management Means Laundry is Best Handled a Little at a Time

Think about it, the washer and dryer do allllllll the work. All we have to do is put the clothes in the washer, throw them in the dryer, and then spend a little while folding them. It really does only take a little while… time yourself… I dare you.

(I used to think that it took forever to straighten my hair until one day I timed it and it took under 15 minutes. I would have sworn it took, like, 52 minutes.)

Folding clothes is the same. Unless you have infants or toddlers and there are, like, 982 pieces of clothing in there, then it really won’t take that long.

Second, Good Home Time Management Would Have You Learn to Do Laundry While You’re Doing Other Things

You can effectively do laundry while you’re doing many other things: watching TV, helping a child with homework, running errands. It’s almost like not even worrying about it at all. My daughter was just here dropping the boys off (I’m doing soccer-Ninny duty in the morning while she’s doing vet-duty.) She was reminding me of how she does her laundry… as a busy mom of 2 boys (currently 7 and 4) she HAS TO stay on top of things.

What she does is put a load in the washer in the morning and during the day whenever she can get to it she puts that load in the dryer and starts another. (She had a Mom who taught her right.) The house temperature combined with getting them into the dryer in a timely manner keeps sourness at bay.

Third, Good Home Time Management Would Get Your Family to Pitch In

Kids can pitch in and help with the chores… including laundry. Your spouse can also help. They probably won’t WANT to help to begin with but they can be persuaded by not being able to do what they want to do until they’ve done what they need to do.

By following these home time management tips you’ll be able to stop laundry from piling up.

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