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Weekly Meal Plans

Weekly Meal Plans Mary Segers
Weekly Meal Plans Mary Segers

Are the undisputed solution for everyone who suffers with “Mealtime Madness.” That’s because with weekly meal plans you know WHAT you’re fixing and WHEN you’re fixing it.

For a quick look at the separate components of a menu plan check out this published article that explores the components a little more in-depth than I can go here.

Home Time Management: What Exactly are Weekly Meal Plans?

For our purposes here, the main point I made in that article is that weekly meal plans are:

  • Complete Meal Plans
  • Created in Advance
  • Based on What’s Going on in Your Family’s Life

So, if you’re looking for that once-and-for-all cure to your family’s mealtime madness you’ve found it in being able to carefully plan meals in advance with these menus.

Now, let’s talk about how to create your own weekly meal plans and then how to use them.

How to Create Weekly Meal Plans

If you have any idea what your family likes to eat… which I’m sure you do… then you’re well on your way to creating the perfect weekly meal plans for your family. Here are a few articles/posts which teach you how to do that. Go ahead and check a few of them out… I’ll wait…

Home Time Management: 3 Remarkably Easy Ways to Plan Meals in Advance

Home Time Management: 2 Ways to Plan Meals According to Your Family’s Tastes

Ok, you’re back. I have lots more but those are enough to get you started.

It’s important (especially when you’re feeling overwhelmed) to understand that there are only a few steps in accomplishing all this “Work.”

First, write down everything your family likes to eat


That means if they love chicken nuggets but you’re trying to get them off “that junk” then you still write it down (so you can create a healthier alternative). Keep a sheet of paper handy… on the counter, in your purse, or on your desk. This is going to be an on-going activity. Have everyone in your family write down things they can think of, too. They should have a say… after all… they’ll be eating this stuff.

Next, group all the foods into categories

These categories can be as specific as you like. You can have a “Main Meat” category or you can break it down into individual meats such as “Chicken” or “Beef.” Make sure to include a category for everything: veggies, casseroles, salads, and desserts.

Then, if you have preferences, make sure they go together into a meal plan

For instance, when my mother would make ham, she always made macaroni and cheese, butter beans, and applesauce. They were staples with ham. All she had to say was “Ham” and we knew what else was coming.

Finally, create those weekly meal plans

The last step is simply to do the (very little) work to create these meals that are going to make your life SO much easier you can’t even BEGIN to imagine.

Oh, and if you have a picky eater in your house check out this article I wrote to combat that problem.

Home Time Management: Question About Menu Planning For Picky Eaters

How to Use Weekly Meal Plans

Weekly meal plans are best used when combined with what I teach about looking ahead and seeing what activities your family has going on in the coming week (the 3rd bullet point above).

About the only way these meal plans will work is to think ahead like I’ve talked extensively about. If you plan a meal which takes an hour to prepare on a night when you’ll actually have only 30 minutes to prepare one then you’re in trouble.

Worse… that weekly meal plan won’t have done what it was supposed to do… make your life easier.

So look ahead to what you have going on in this coming week and plan meals accordingly. If you have very little time on Tues then plan ahead to have leftovers or sandwiches.

Like absolutely anything else in life, you can create these weekly meal plans each and every week, but if you don’t actually use them, they’re useless.

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So… what does your first weekly meal plan look like? Just hit “Reply” and share it with me.

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